Serving Up a Slice of Sandy a la Mode

In the Navy Peplum Knit Blazer styled by Sandy of Sandy a la Mode

Every now and then, you meet someone and your life is different because of knowing them. It doesn't happen often, but when it does you know it instantly. I have to say that my life is better because of meeting Sandy of Sandy a la Mode. She is kind, generous and beautiful from the inside out. In this time of showing thanks, I would like to say thank you to Sandy for being a constant supporter of gracie b. I couldn't think of a better blogger to work with! Added bonus: Her style is impeccable and she looks amazing in everything she wears!

gracie b.

Cyber Monday @ gracie b.

No waiting in lines. No packed parking lots. Only amazing styles at even better prices, all from the comfort of your couch, desk or wherever you want to be. If you ask me, it's the best shopping day of the year! 

To celebrate this exquisite day, gracie b. is offering 10-50% off everything in the shop + free shipping! But it's only open to members, so make sure to sign up for our emails to get in on this great deal!

gracie b.

PS - did I mention the free shipping? :)

Holiday Shopping Guide: The Fashionista

Happy Turkey Week, friends! I am beyond thrilled that Thanksgiving is only two days away, so in honor of the upcoming holiday, and the shopping extravaganza that will ensue immediately thereafter, I have an exciting post to share. 

Today is Part I of our Holiday Shopping Guide. Over the next several weeks we will dissect shopping for some of the "hardest-to-buy-for" people. If you have ideas, or if there are peeps in your circle that you'd like to know about, please send your questions my way!  

Today, we are starting with my favorite, The Fashionista.  Everyone has one in their family, whether it is your daughter, a niece, or maybe even yourself and you need ideas to give to your family and friends. Regardless, the Fashionista can be slightly intimidating to buy for because she already owns everything! So, I've put together some of my top picks for this girl. These are all of-the-moment trends that she is already drooling over. 

  1. Gold bangles, rings & wrap bracelets: she can layer these with her watch and other jewelry, and it won't break the bank to purchase! I love this, these or these.
  2. Chevron: this retro-print has come back in a huge way this season and even if she already has it in her closet, she wants more! If you're hesitant on buying her clothing, you could grab cute chevron home decor instead. She'll love it too! I love these pillows and this chair is a-ma-zing!
  3. South West Inspired Sweater: cozy sweaters with big southwestern-inspired prints are huge right now. She'll wear it all winter long and think of how sweet you are for buying it for her. This one is great because it's baggy and no buttons means the sizing is forgiving even if you are worried about what size to purchase.
  4. Bubble necklace: take one look at Pinterest under Women's Fashion and you'll see this necklace all over the place. It's a great statement piece that will continue on through Spring '13. Multiple color options to choose from here.
  5. Burgundy: burgundy is the new black this season and this feather skirt is such a fun way to wear it! If this is more than you want to spend on your fashionista, go for burgundy in a nail polish instead. I absolutely love this shade!
So, there you go! Check back next week for tips on shopping for The Entertainer.

Feelin' Fabulous Friday: Fun with Fur

Hello lovelies! I'm sure you'll agree when I say it has been a long week! Painfully longer than normal, right? In fact, today I questioned if it was Saturday and I almost missed my morning appointment... Oops! 

Any who, that aside I did manage to sneak out a few outfit pics before running out the door because today's outfit was too fun to pass up (sorry this one is the best of the bunch - you're not really missing anything in the rest, just a top knot on my head)! I mean faux fur, stripe tee, two-tone booties, come on... good, yes?

Have a great weekend! 

gracie b.

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The Little Blog Post That Could

The story I'm about to tell is the story of a blogger collaboration that has been in the making for far longer than I can remember. In fact, it almost didn't happen at all... 

It all started back around the beginning of October when I received the sweetest little note from a gal named Camille. Camille stumbled across gracie b. while reading one of her favorite blogs and Facebook'd me to say "hello!" Then, about a week later, I ran across her cute little site, Life in Mod, and Facebook'd her back to say "hello!omgIloveyoursiteletsworktogether!" 

Nope, did not even take a breath.

Anyway, during our conversations we talked about a collaborative post and how great it would be. She could wear this scarf or that dress, and I could put her photos on my blog, there would be reader discounts (yes, discounts!), and life would be so grand! So, after talking back and forth for a while about the details, we finally landed on a date and thought all was good. Then, only a few days before the post was due to go live, I received a panic stricken email from Camille! It seems she had suffered a terrible technology meltdown that resulted in needing to push our post out one more week. "No!" I cried, "it much happen soon, I cannot wait!" 

Actually, that part didn't happen at all... I just said "all good," and hoped Camille's technology got fixed for her own sanity!

But, all is well that ends well. Camille's technology troubles got resolved and her post went live yesterday! So, now that you know all the trouble we've gone through to make this post possible... go check it out! Trust me, it was well worth the wait :) 

Like a Kid at Christmas... speaking of which...


Halloween is over, which means Christmas shopping season has officially begun! And, I'm dreaming of sugarplum fairies dancing around with this statement-making bubble necklace in every color! 

Feelin' Fabulous Friday: Blogger Guest Mary B.

Happy Friday, friends! I have a treat for you today! 

You may remember my sudden earth-shattering revelation from two weeks ago regarding Friday style (I am a true genius). While I do love pulling fabulous pieces from my own closet, there's not much I love more than hearing from other women who also feel fabulous in a great outfit. So, imagine my excitement when I received a lovely Facebook message from Mary B. with a link to her Fabulous Friday style. Her denim-inspired outfit was worn on a Friday evening date with her husband. I love the white heels for a retro vibe paired with that great red lipstick. I mean let's face it, a red lip makes everything better.

Feelin' fabulous? Share it with us! 

gracie b.

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Should I get bangs?

I am unable to put into words exactly why I love this video so much. It could be due to the career in my past life, where I was surrounded with girls exactly like this. Or possibly because I intimately know the "should I get bangs" ritual. Or... maybe it's just his beard. Regardless, I literally cry every time I watch it. I referenced it in my post from Friday and I have been unable to stop thinking about it.


If you also find that you can somewhat relate, there is a part II!

Feelin' Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday, friends! We made it! 

I like to think that I have moments of brilliance at times, and this morning standing in my closet was one of those moments. It's gray, overcast, cold and windy outside, and I have no motivation to acknowledge that Friday exists. In my mind it's already Saturday and therefore, logically, I should curl up in my sweats and go back to sleep. 

That's when the brilliance hits! Fridays = Fabulous! The weekend is almost here. And even though work is inevitable today, even the boss tends to check out a little bit early on Fridays. Yes, it's at this exact moment that I spot this skirt. This ridiculously-over-the-top-for-a-Friday-skirt, which I will admit is probably more appropriate for a formal occasion, but who cares?! I'm freakin' wearing it anyway. It's comfy, super cute and completely what I needed to jump start my Friday. Bonus: it makes me feel super fabulous like all those Pinterest pins I have have pinned on My Style board (especially this one)... come on ladies, you know you have those too.

having an "omg I hate my bangs" moment... you've seen that video right?
So, this is how I'm feeling fabulous on Friday and friends, I would love for you to share with me! Next Friday, send me pics of what you're wearing to feel fabulous and I'll post them right here! 

gracie b.

Yeah, I have a few leaves.

Hot Mama!

Grace wearing the Color Rockin' Top

Happy Thursday, friends... Friday is really close! 

And, today is a very happy Thursday because I finally get to introduce you to our newest blogger friend. She comes to us from a wonderful little site called Camp Patton, and has an exceptionally wonderful name: Grace! In addition to being the cutest little thing I've seen lately, she is incredibly funny and her quick wit shines through in her writing. Pair that with insanely adorable photos of her family and Camp Patton will have you instantly hooked! Oh, and did I mention that she's 23 weeks pregnant in the above photo?! Yeah, you're allowed to hate her a little bit now... just kidding :) 

PS - sorry for the short notice, but if you hurry you could enter to win a $30 gift certificate that we're giving away to her readers... entries are due in 6 hours so hurry now!

Today's Sweet Treat: Sandy a la Mode!

Sandy wearing the Aztec Goddess Dress

This blog post is soooo far behind I am actually embarrassed to post it, but bare with me... it's going to be worth it! 

So, about two months ago, I received the sweetest email from Sandy over at Sandy a la Mode. You see, Sandy has a fan-tab-u-lous blog that is full of so much great style and design that I was immediately hooked! But then the whip cream on this sweet treat came when... wait for it... I found out that Sandy lives in Kansas City which is only a hop, skip and a jump away from me! I love working with local gals and this collaboration was a no-brainer! I mean, check out this girl's style! It was a match made in heaven... :)

Sandy wearing the Teal it to Me Straight Chevron Dress

One Girl with a really great Closet (and style)!

Last week, I was thrilled to see this amazing post by Veronika of Girl and Closet. I became acquainted with Veronika through another wonderful blogger (who shall remain nameless right now, but will be partnering with gracie b. in the coming months) and I am beyond ecstatic to see how great she looks in the Lindy Top in Mint. I just love Veronika's easy style and that fedora... b-eau-ti-ful!

What's Old Is New Again

At any given point in time, it is possible to find at least a half dozen projects happening around my house or at gracie b. While working on my most recent project, I decided to take a few photos in hope of providing a little DIY inspiration. And, I have to say that this might be one of my most favorite projects to date. 

The Stats:
What: Old wood buffet
Location: Found at Goodwill
Cost: $14 (tax included! YIPPEE!)
Target: Additional storage for "loft-like" master bedroom

The Before Shot

Before doing anything, I sanded the top down really well. I didn't worry to sand the whole thing because 1) it's takes too much time and I don't have the patience and 2) I planned to use several coats of primer as well as a high gloss, primer tinted paint. 

After Primer
This was after probably 2 coats of primer. While a pain, it is a necessity during this process. 

The most beautiful color red-orange in the whole, wide world!
After many hours in Lowe's, I emerged with this beautiful red-orange paint. The perfect pop of color for our, mostly white bedroom. I remember a designer once saying that every room should have one pop of red, and I'm beginning to believe it.

The end result!

To finish, I cleaned up the original hardware and put them back on the buffet. A few accessories later, and I have now have the perfect place to store additional craft supplies! I absolutely could not be happier with the end result!

Ps - I love to see DIY projects. Please email me if you have one you'd like to share with our readers!

Movin' On Up

New floor space with area rug, signs and displays

Friends, I have fantastic news to share! As of last Friday, gracie b. has officially expanded into a larger space at The Hub. I cannot tell you how excited I am, and thankful, to finally have all of the new inventory settled into the shop. And, I have to say that I am very pleased with the result. If you are in the Topeka/Southeastern Kansas area, please stop by! If not, don't fret! All of the new clothing and accessories can be found on the website. 

Happy Shopping!

xo, gracie b.

Newest items displayed on mannequins nestled behind the brand new accessories table

Loving how the accessories table turned out, and equally as excited about the burlap table runner (tutorial to follow)

A few of the newest items to hit gracie b. 

Blush and Bashful

I have been an avid reader of Kansas Couture for several years now, so when I launched the website it just felt natural to contact blogger Katy to help showcase all of the lovelies available at gracie b. I just adore her latest post with the It's a Colorful World Skinnys. Mixing several pink elements into one outfit can be tough and is not a task meant for the weary. However, she makes it look so easy! The peach top with the fuschia skinnys, tied together with some a-ma-zing shoes makes me want to pull out every piece of pink I have in the closet and wear it at once! 

So N.E.E.T!

I am completely delighted to work with N.E.E.T Magazine again on their June issue! I just love the two page spread that editor Stephanie put together. Isn't it lovely?! 

PS - the Let's Do the Polka (Dots) Dress (right) is going fast! Grab one while it's still around! 

The Spring 2012 Look Book Has Arrived!

I am proud to announce that the Spring 2012 Look Book has officially arrived! I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out and I'm already eagerly anticipating Fall's! 

Styled by Katy of Kansas Couture

Things around gracie b. have been pretty amazing lately! I have not been very good about posting all the excitement, but I hope I have done an o-kay job of keeping you up to speed via Twitter and Facebook. In case you missed it, about a week or so ago I was privileged to have Katy of Kansas Couture style The Green Dream Shirt Dress on her blog! And, she knocked it out of the park! I love the tights and short boots to offset the dress's feminine, flowy chiffon fabric. She looks amazing, doesn't she? 

Know a blogger who would be interested in partnering with Put together a great outfit you purchased from gracie b.? Contact me at, I would love to feature it on the website and blog!

Top Picks for Spring 2012

From preppy style to pretty florals to fun micro prints, there are some really great fashion trends to choose from this Spring. At gracie b. I love dissecting the latest trends and bringing the best of the best into the shop. For one of our latest emailers (if you haven't yet, you can sign up here), I put together a few of my top picks.

Nothing says spring like a great floral piece and this spring there is an abundance of floral to choose from. From pretty pastels to bold brights, floral is making a big statement this year.  I love the two floral options above for different reasons. The Blue Du Jour Maxi dress is a sassy little number, great for a date night but equally as perfect for a Saturday morning brunch with the girls. Just throw on a cardi and great flat sandals! The I've Got Sunshine Full skirt beside it is the perfect floral piece to wear to the office. A navy top with a great pair of pumps will make you trend right and office appropriate.

Micro Prints
This is probably one of the funnest trends to wear this season, in addition to being my personal favorite. Micro prints can be whimsical and fun because the look very simple from a distance, but upon closer examination realize there is more than meets the eye. For example, something simple looking like polka dots turns out to actually be something unusual like the small outline of a cat, as seen here in The Cat's Meow dress.

Prep Club
Finally, we finish with a classic look that is making a big come-back this spring: preppy style. Take a cue from the nautically inspired Red-dy to Set Sail top and start layering on the stripes and primary colors. Pair with a great pair of cuffed jeans and boat shoes, and you're off to the yacht club! For work, pull on the always classic You've "Red" My Mind Full skirt with your pearls and pumps. 

So, there you have it! A rundown of some of the greatest trends of the season. You can check out the entire selection on our trend page.

N.E.E.T Magazine

Happy Tuesday everyone (hey, we got through Monday right?)! I'm happy to share with you gracie b's newest collaboration - a two page spread in N.E.E.T Magazine! N.E.E.T is a quarterly online magazine featuring beautifully designed (virtual) pages of unique clothing, jewelry and DIY projects that celebrates true grassroots creativity. If you are not familiar with N.E.E.T, you must pop over to their website right away and become formally acquainted!

The Cat's Meow Dress

I am absolutely in LOVE with the newest dress to hit the shop!  So much so that I've already nabbed one for myself!  If you swing by Polyvore you can see it under my favorites.  While you're there, let's be friends!

Live Colorfully

For Spring 2012, it's all about color! While wearing lots of color can be seem daunting, this look is easily achieved when set against the backdrop of the always classic and neutral Evelyn Dress. This gives way to easy color experimentation within accessories. Dare to go against the grain and wear pale blue shoes with a bright coral handbag, or layer on the preppy style with a green tote and pink boat shoes. For Spring 2012 anything goes!

Evelyn Dress

Green and Pink Moroccan Cotton Clutch

Ink Iku Dress by Three Little Ducks

Orange Leaves Linen Clutch

Boyfriend White Buttondown

A Spring Dream

Is spring here yet? If it's not, it should be. Who's with me? 

Not sure about you guys but I've been spoiled by an extremely mild winter this year. So, I think its time we just end this charade and make it official! Bring on the warm, sunny mornings and lots of bare legs and sandals!

In honor of this declaration, I popped over to Polyvore and put together one Spring-worthy outfit featuring the new Green Dream Dress! Now it's just time for Mother Nature to cooperate.... she'll eventually see it my way :) 

Happy Shopping!

Green Dream Shirt Dress