The Little Blog Post That Could

The story I'm about to tell is the story of a blogger collaboration that has been in the making for far longer than I can remember. In fact, it almost didn't happen at all... 

It all started back around the beginning of October when I received the sweetest little note from a gal named Camille. Camille stumbled across gracie b. while reading one of her favorite blogs and Facebook'd me to say "hello!" Then, about a week later, I ran across her cute little site, Life in Mod, and Facebook'd her back to say "hello!omgIloveyoursiteletsworktogether!" 

Nope, did not even take a breath.

Anyway, during our conversations we talked about a collaborative post and how great it would be. She could wear this scarf or that dress, and I could put her photos on my blog, there would be reader discounts (yes, discounts!), and life would be so grand! So, after talking back and forth for a while about the details, we finally landed on a date and thought all was good. Then, only a few days before the post was due to go live, I received a panic stricken email from Camille! It seems she had suffered a terrible technology meltdown that resulted in needing to push our post out one more week. "No!" I cried, "it much happen soon, I cannot wait!" 

Actually, that part didn't happen at all... I just said "all good," and hoped Camille's technology got fixed for her own sanity!

But, all is well that ends well. Camille's technology troubles got resolved and her post went live yesterday! So, now that you know all the trouble we've gone through to make this post possible... go check it out! Trust me, it was well worth the wait :) 

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