Featured Item: April Showers May Flowers Silk Tunic

April Showers May Flowers Silk Tunic, $97.99

Today we enjoyed a lovely Sunday full of good food and even better family time.  To celebrate such a wonderful occasion, I decided to try out the beautiful April Showers May Flowers 100% Silk Tunic*. 

And the votes are officially in: this tunic gets a solid 5 STARS!!  

I love the cheeriness of the bright colors and floral motif, paired with the open and airy flow of the silk.  This top is so versatile, I can already envision wearing it with leggings and flats for an easy, breezy Sunday drive or with flare leg jeans, platform heels and lots of bangles for happy hour with the girls.    

All around it was a good day :) So, what about you, dear readers, do you find that you enjoy certain days better when your style matches the day?

*Available for pre-order immediately (just email grace@shopgracieb.com) or will be available in the shop in June while quantities last!


behind the scenes

Yesterday I met with the talented Trinity Bennett of Trinity Bennett Photography and Productions for an outdoor photo shoot.  Three hours later we had over 250 amazing shots... trust me, this chica has some serious talent :) 

Can't wait to share the real deal, but for now here is a little behind the scenes look.  Isn't the frame in the tree just the coolest thing?

Introducing: Geraldine!

It would be lying if I didn't say that life in the Gracie B. world has been extremely busy lately! This weekend, Joe (introduction coming shortly!) and I spent Saturday playing dress up with Geraldine. 

"And who", you may ask, "is Geraldine?"

Well, I'm glad you asked :)

Geraldine is the official face of Gracie B.!  Um... well... that's not entirely true.... Geraldine doesn't have a face.

"What?! Geraldine doesn't have a face?!"

Calm down skittles (Joe-ism)... Geraldine is the new Gracie B. dress form! And, face or not, I would have to say that Geraldine is quite beautiful! 

Don't believe me? Take a look!

Seeeeeee...I told you Geraldine is purrrdy :)

a sneak peek

Cute-as-a-Button Vintage Purse, $19.99

It's so darn cute, I just can't resist! 

Just a few of the lovely items that will be up for sale in two months!

Beautiful Drika. B bags just waiting to find a nice home :) 

Newly stamped business cards with a handmade stamp by Terbear

With the grand opening only a couple of months away, things around here are as busy as ever!  Stay tuned for more sneak peeks as well as opening weekend discounts! 

PS - all photos were taken with the Cross Process App