Feelin' Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday, friends! We made it! 

I like to think that I have moments of brilliance at times, and this morning standing in my closet was one of those moments. It's gray, overcast, cold and windy outside, and I have no motivation to acknowledge that Friday exists. In my mind it's already Saturday and therefore, logically, I should curl up in my sweats and go back to sleep. 

That's when the brilliance hits! Fridays = Fabulous! The weekend is almost here. And even though work is inevitable today, even the boss tends to check out a little bit early on Fridays. Yes, it's at this exact moment that I spot this skirt. This ridiculously-over-the-top-for-a-Friday-skirt, which I will admit is probably more appropriate for a formal occasion, but who cares?! I'm freakin' wearing it anyway. It's comfy, super cute and completely what I needed to jump start my Friday. Bonus: it makes me feel super fabulous like all those Pinterest pins I have have pinned on My Style board (especially this one)... come on ladies, you know you have those too.

having an "omg I hate my bangs" moment... you've seen that video right?
So, this is how I'm feeling fabulous on Friday and friends, I would love for you to share with me! Next Friday, send me pics of what you're wearing to feel fabulous and I'll post them right here! 

gracie b.

Yeah, I have a few leaves.

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