This just in: gracie b. is now at The Hub!

About a month ago, I kind of told you that I had some exciting news coming up that I couldn't share quite yet.  Well, I am happy to say that I can finally share my exciting news... gracie b. can now be found at The Hub of Topeka!

For those of you not familiar with The Hub, it is a great little collective boutique located in Fairlawn Plaza at 21st and Fairlawn.  The Hub features one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories and home decor from a variety of small, independently owned nearby boutiques.  While the above is not the best photo I've ever taken, I was so excited to share my good news that I snapped a quick picture with my iPhone after I set up last weekend!

So, please come visit and share with a friend!

gracie b.

gracie b. across the web!

There have been some busy, busy bees around the boutique these days (get it, bee, as in gracie b....okay, that was a bad joke).  Anyway, word is getting out, business is picking up and sites across the web are helping spread the news about the beautiful things gracie b. has to offer! And, I could use not be more thrilled!

Here is a link to a beautiful little post that appeared on Dilly Dallas on Friday. I found Dallas' blog about 2-3 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Her style is so much like mine: feminine and classic, but with a modern twist.  I just love it, and I'm sure you will too!

And, while we're bragging, I have to brag a little about our PR help from the talented Isa Maria Seminega of Noisette Marketing. Isa has been so amazing to work with over the last three months. With new product constantly coming in, local fairs to attend, and a few other things I can't tell you about just yet :).... I have had very little time to stay on top of marketing.  But, Isa has been so fantastic to work with, doing all the research, contacting bloggers, and getting the gracie b. name out there.

So, a huge thanks to everyone who has supported so far!  It's been a fun journey that just keeps getting more exciting :)

Cider Days Festival

gracie b. pop-up boutique
This weekend was busy, but very fun! On both Saturday and Sunday gracie b. had a pop-up boutique at the Cider Days Festival in Topeka, KS.  It was an amazing two days, and I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people.  Thanks to everyone who helped make these two days possible (and under very short notice!)... namely my parents, my BFF, my wonderful hubbie and in-laws! And, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support gracie b.! Here are a few photos from the weekend :)

jazzed the tent up with a little chandelier :)

business cards on the front table

our course geraldine went!

clothing hanging on a rack

more clothing hanging on a rack

sitting area with a pair of sassy chairs (will be in the shop soon!)

front table with beautiful drika.b bags!

poppies sitting around the drawing box. some lucky gal is going to get $75 dollars to shop!

aren't they just fabulous?!

It's not quite over...

I have always been a little (a lot) impatient, so transitioning between seasons is a slightly difficult time for me. All the new styles of the upcoming season look so bright and shiny and new, I just can't wait to try them all out! So, I have been working to remind myself to savor what I have. The last remaining weeks (or months, depending on where you live) of warm weather means enjoying dresses without tights, wearing all those beautiful sandals you've purchased, and enjoying a beer while grilling out with friends and family.  In honor of the fact that summer is not quite over, here is a selection of wonderful items that will surely help you enjoy this transition :) 

Classic Maxi Drapped Long Dress
Boyfriend White Buttondown w/ Eggshell Blue Linen Poppy Pin
Fabric Flower Headband
Spring Awakening Maxi Dress
Gray and White Damask Satchel

brought back to life

Here at gracie b. we tend to enjoy the simpler things in life and take great pride in finding beauty in items that would have otherwise been headed for a trash heap.  Over the last several weekends I've spent a significant amount of time getting my office reorganized and decorated to properly reflect the gracie b. aesthetic. 

My first project was this chair, a $15 find at a local thrift store that now serves as a beautiful place to sit.  I truly wish I had a picture of the way it originally looked to show how worn down this chair was. The frame was a nicked and scratched oak color, with a dingy blue seat cushion.  It did take a little sweat and perseverance, but after some sanding and primer, several spray cans of white lacquer and a trip to JoAnn's to find this beautiful blue and green lattice fabric, suddenly an unloved chair becomes a beautiful piece of furniture!

At some point I would LOVE to incorporate a home decor section into the shop... but I have to remind myself that Rome was not built in a day :) For now, here are a few wonderfully revived items currently in the shop! Happy Shopping!

Hipsters Fall in Love Vintage Crossbody Bag, $29.99

Stars and Stripes (and Buttons!) Vintage Top, $22.99

Cute-as-a-Button Vintage Purse, $24.99

Featured Item: April Showers May Flowers Silk Tunic

April Showers May Flowers Silk Tunic, $97.99

Today we enjoyed a lovely Sunday full of good food and even better family time.  To celebrate such a wonderful occasion, I decided to try out the beautiful April Showers May Flowers 100% Silk Tunic*. 

And the votes are officially in: this tunic gets a solid 5 STARS!!  

I love the cheeriness of the bright colors and floral motif, paired with the open and airy flow of the silk.  This top is so versatile, I can already envision wearing it with leggings and flats for an easy, breezy Sunday drive or with flare leg jeans, platform heels and lots of bangles for happy hour with the girls.    

All around it was a good day :) So, what about you, dear readers, do you find that you enjoy certain days better when your style matches the day?

*Available for pre-order immediately (just email or will be available in the shop in June while quantities last!


behind the scenes

Yesterday I met with the talented Trinity Bennett of Trinity Bennett Photography and Productions for an outdoor photo shoot.  Three hours later we had over 250 amazing shots... trust me, this chica has some serious talent :) 

Can't wait to share the real deal, but for now here is a little behind the scenes look.  Isn't the frame in the tree just the coolest thing?

Introducing: Geraldine!

It would be lying if I didn't say that life in the Gracie B. world has been extremely busy lately! This weekend, Joe (introduction coming shortly!) and I spent Saturday playing dress up with Geraldine. 

"And who", you may ask, "is Geraldine?"

Well, I'm glad you asked :)

Geraldine is the official face of Gracie B.!  Um... well... that's not entirely true.... Geraldine doesn't have a face.

"What?! Geraldine doesn't have a face?!"

Calm down skittles (Joe-ism)... Geraldine is the new Gracie B. dress form! And, face or not, I would have to say that Geraldine is quite beautiful! 

Don't believe me? Take a look!

Seeeeeee...I told you Geraldine is purrrdy :)

a sneak peek

Cute-as-a-Button Vintage Purse, $19.99

It's so darn cute, I just can't resist! 

Just a few of the lovely items that will be up for sale in two months!

Beautiful Drika. B bags just waiting to find a nice home :) 

Newly stamped business cards with a handmade stamp by Terbear

With the grand opening only a couple of months away, things around here are as busy as ever!  Stay tuned for more sneak peeks as well as opening weekend discounts! 

PS - all photos were taken with the Cross Process App