Should I get bangs?

I am unable to put into words exactly why I love this video so much. It could be due to the career in my past life, where I was surrounded with girls exactly like this. Or possibly because I intimately know the "should I get bangs" ritual. Or... maybe it's just his beard. Regardless, I literally cry every time I watch it. I referenced it in my post from Friday and I have been unable to stop thinking about it.


If you also find that you can somewhat relate, there is a part II!

Feelin' Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday, friends! We made it! 

I like to think that I have moments of brilliance at times, and this morning standing in my closet was one of those moments. It's gray, overcast, cold and windy outside, and I have no motivation to acknowledge that Friday exists. In my mind it's already Saturday and therefore, logically, I should curl up in my sweats and go back to sleep. 

That's when the brilliance hits! Fridays = Fabulous! The weekend is almost here. And even though work is inevitable today, even the boss tends to check out a little bit early on Fridays. Yes, it's at this exact moment that I spot this skirt. This ridiculously-over-the-top-for-a-Friday-skirt, which I will admit is probably more appropriate for a formal occasion, but who cares?! I'm freakin' wearing it anyway. It's comfy, super cute and completely what I needed to jump start my Friday. Bonus: it makes me feel super fabulous like all those Pinterest pins I have have pinned on My Style board (especially this one)... come on ladies, you know you have those too.

having an "omg I hate my bangs" moment... you've seen that video right?
So, this is how I'm feeling fabulous on Friday and friends, I would love for you to share with me! Next Friday, send me pics of what you're wearing to feel fabulous and I'll post them right here! 

gracie b.

Yeah, I have a few leaves.

Hot Mama!

Grace wearing the Color Rockin' Top

Happy Thursday, friends... Friday is really close! 

And, today is a very happy Thursday because I finally get to introduce you to our newest blogger friend. She comes to us from a wonderful little site called Camp Patton, and has an exceptionally wonderful name: Grace! In addition to being the cutest little thing I've seen lately, she is incredibly funny and her quick wit shines through in her writing. Pair that with insanely adorable photos of her family and Camp Patton will have you instantly hooked! Oh, and did I mention that she's 23 weeks pregnant in the above photo?! Yeah, you're allowed to hate her a little bit now... just kidding :) 

PS - sorry for the short notice, but if you hurry you could enter to win a $30 gift certificate that we're giving away to her readers... entries are due in 6 hours so hurry now!