Serving Up a Slice of Sandy a la Mode

In the Navy Peplum Knit Blazer styled by Sandy of Sandy a la Mode

Every now and then, you meet someone and your life is different because of knowing them. It doesn't happen often, but when it does you know it instantly. I have to say that my life is better because of meeting Sandy of Sandy a la Mode. She is kind, generous and beautiful from the inside out. In this time of showing thanks, I would like to say thank you to Sandy for being a constant supporter of gracie b. I couldn't think of a better blogger to work with! Added bonus: Her style is impeccable and she looks amazing in everything she wears!

gracie b.

Cyber Monday @ gracie b.

No waiting in lines. No packed parking lots. Only amazing styles at even better prices, all from the comfort of your couch, desk or wherever you want to be. If you ask me, it's the best shopping day of the year! 

To celebrate this exquisite day, gracie b. is offering 10-50% off everything in the shop + free shipping! But it's only open to members, so make sure to sign up for our emails to get in on this great deal!

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PS - did I mention the free shipping? :)

Holiday Shopping Guide: The Fashionista

Happy Turkey Week, friends! I am beyond thrilled that Thanksgiving is only two days away, so in honor of the upcoming holiday, and the shopping extravaganza that will ensue immediately thereafter, I have an exciting post to share. 

Today is Part I of our Holiday Shopping Guide. Over the next several weeks we will dissect shopping for some of the "hardest-to-buy-for" people. If you have ideas, or if there are peeps in your circle that you'd like to know about, please send your questions my way!  

Today, we are starting with my favorite, The Fashionista.  Everyone has one in their family, whether it is your daughter, a niece, or maybe even yourself and you need ideas to give to your family and friends. Regardless, the Fashionista can be slightly intimidating to buy for because she already owns everything! So, I've put together some of my top picks for this girl. These are all of-the-moment trends that she is already drooling over. 

  1. Gold bangles, rings & wrap bracelets: she can layer these with her watch and other jewelry, and it won't break the bank to purchase! I love this, these or these.
  2. Chevron: this retro-print has come back in a huge way this season and even if she already has it in her closet, she wants more! If you're hesitant on buying her clothing, you could grab cute chevron home decor instead. She'll love it too! I love these pillows and this chair is a-ma-zing!
  3. South West Inspired Sweater: cozy sweaters with big southwestern-inspired prints are huge right now. She'll wear it all winter long and think of how sweet you are for buying it for her. This one is great because it's baggy and no buttons means the sizing is forgiving even if you are worried about what size to purchase.
  4. Bubble necklace: take one look at Pinterest under Women's Fashion and you'll see this necklace all over the place. It's a great statement piece that will continue on through Spring '13. Multiple color options to choose from here.
  5. Burgundy: burgundy is the new black this season and this feather skirt is such a fun way to wear it! If this is more than you want to spend on your fashionista, go for burgundy in a nail polish instead. I absolutely love this shade!
So, there you go! Check back next week for tips on shopping for The Entertainer.

Feelin' Fabulous Friday: Fun with Fur

Hello lovelies! I'm sure you'll agree when I say it has been a long week! Painfully longer than normal, right? In fact, today I questioned if it was Saturday and I almost missed my morning appointment... Oops! 

Any who, that aside I did manage to sneak out a few outfit pics before running out the door because today's outfit was too fun to pass up (sorry this one is the best of the bunch - you're not really missing anything in the rest, just a top knot on my head)! I mean faux fur, stripe tee, two-tone booties, come on... good, yes?

Have a great weekend! 

gracie b.

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The Little Blog Post That Could

The story I'm about to tell is the story of a blogger collaboration that has been in the making for far longer than I can remember. In fact, it almost didn't happen at all... 

It all started back around the beginning of October when I received the sweetest little note from a gal named Camille. Camille stumbled across gracie b. while reading one of her favorite blogs and Facebook'd me to say "hello!" Then, about a week later, I ran across her cute little site, Life in Mod, and Facebook'd her back to say "hello!omgIloveyoursiteletsworktogether!" 

Nope, did not even take a breath.

Anyway, during our conversations we talked about a collaborative post and how great it would be. She could wear this scarf or that dress, and I could put her photos on my blog, there would be reader discounts (yes, discounts!), and life would be so grand! So, after talking back and forth for a while about the details, we finally landed on a date and thought all was good. Then, only a few days before the post was due to go live, I received a panic stricken email from Camille! It seems she had suffered a terrible technology meltdown that resulted in needing to push our post out one more week. "No!" I cried, "it much happen soon, I cannot wait!" 

Actually, that part didn't happen at all... I just said "all good," and hoped Camille's technology got fixed for her own sanity!

But, all is well that ends well. Camille's technology troubles got resolved and her post went live yesterday! So, now that you know all the trouble we've gone through to make this post possible... go check it out! Trust me, it was well worth the wait :) 

Like a Kid at Christmas... speaking of which...


Halloween is over, which means Christmas shopping season has officially begun! And, I'm dreaming of sugarplum fairies dancing around with this statement-making bubble necklace in every color! 

Feelin' Fabulous Friday: Blogger Guest Mary B.

Happy Friday, friends! I have a treat for you today! 

You may remember my sudden earth-shattering revelation from two weeks ago regarding Friday style (I am a true genius). While I do love pulling fabulous pieces from my own closet, there's not much I love more than hearing from other women who also feel fabulous in a great outfit. So, imagine my excitement when I received a lovely Facebook message from Mary B. with a link to her Fabulous Friday style. Her denim-inspired outfit was worn on a Friday evening date with her husband. I love the white heels for a retro vibe paired with that great red lipstick. I mean let's face it, a red lip makes everything better.

Feelin' fabulous? Share it with us! 

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