Cider Days Festival

gracie b. pop-up boutique
This weekend was busy, but very fun! On both Saturday and Sunday gracie b. had a pop-up boutique at the Cider Days Festival in Topeka, KS.  It was an amazing two days, and I had the pleasure of meeting some incredible people.  Thanks to everyone who helped make these two days possible (and under very short notice!)... namely my parents, my BFF, my wonderful hubbie and in-laws! And, a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support gracie b.! Here are a few photos from the weekend :)

jazzed the tent up with a little chandelier :)

business cards on the front table

our course geraldine went!

clothing hanging on a rack

more clothing hanging on a rack

sitting area with a pair of sassy chairs (will be in the shop soon!)

front table with beautiful drika.b bags!

poppies sitting around the drawing box. some lucky gal is going to get $75 dollars to shop!

aren't they just fabulous?!


  1. i absolutely love these turquoise and zebra chairs!! p.s. i saw your fashions on dilly dallas ~ way to go! they're lovely!!
    xx ~ kristina

  2. Hi Kristina! Thank you so much for such kind words and for stopping by! New styles make it into the shop weekly and these chairs are going to be next :)
    gracie b.