Take Off Your Emotional Clothes + Sing!

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Today I want to discuss something that I think is important: what makes you feel aliveA while back I blogged about Osho and his book, Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously. I think about the message from that book all of the time. Being fully present, being okay with uncertainty, and disturbing people to make them think. Yes! I feel that so much. That all rocked me and kicked me in the shins like, "wake up!" Live the life that you want, for the love of god, or whoever. I think we get caught up in thinking about the results, how quickly the things we want are going to happen, how trying something new needs to be part of a plan, how it's all going to look for others.

I read this quote by a famous acting teacher back when I was in school: Take off your emotional clothes & sing. I love that! It's like, "just do it!" Forget about everything else. Strip away what's holding you back and belt out a Flo Rida song in the front seat with the windows down (I am obsessed with Flo, for real). Or shimmy around in a sexy belly dancing outfit (kind of what I do every Tuesday). It is so liberating to express how you feel in the moment, and I think it's as simple as, begin. It's too overwhelming to think I need to have this all figured out and squared away right from the beginning. Ask yourself, what makes me feel alive? For me, it was going full-force into my blog, and figuring out how I can help people. I've always known that writing, teaching, and leading was going to be what my life was all about, but I wasn't sure what that looked like. I certainly had an idea, which is why I started making YouTube videos, offering leadership consulting--or creative guiding as I like to call it, because it jives more with how I roll-- and, why I want to teach writing classes and publish my work as well.

So, what makes your heart sing? How can you take the first step towards that?

Why don't you:
  • Think about that class or hobby you always wanted to do or start. Let that swirl around in your head. Then ask someone to help you start it. Or set aside time to do some research. Then begin.
  • If a thought occurs to you, like maybe, "hey, this song is awesome, I should dance to it" then just get up and start dancing, wherever you are. Maybe you record it because you look really hot. Maybe you don't. Regardless you'll feel really good afterward. 
  • If someone is doing what you want to be doing, hit them up and ask them how they're doing it. Ask them to help you begin. Then begin.

Fel is a writer & teacher and the blogger behind Fel's Got Swag. She's a creative soul with a passion for life and helping others find their inspiration. Her blog features interviews, creative questions, videos and ideas that will make you not only think, but get up and take action toward living the life you want. 

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