15 Types of Friends

types of friends
As I've gotten older (hey, 25 years of friendships counts for something) I've realized that a "friend" can mean a lot of things. I often became hurt because certain friends weren't living up to my expectations. I used to expect every "friend" to have every quality that I wanted and needed. They had to be trustworthy, fun, loyal, dependable, etc. etc..  But the truth is, not everyone is perfect. And not everyone is going to fit the perfect mold of a "friend". And that's ok. It's ok to have friends for different reasons. It's ok that the friend that you call when you need advice is not the same friend that you call when you want to try that new pizza place. There are different types of friends. We all know them. We all love them. Maybe we just love some more than others. 

The Childhood Friend - If you met her today you probably wouldn't form a relationship. You've grown in different directions since you were younger but you've never grown apart. You've been friends with her for years and that's important to you. 

The Online Friend - Ok so you've never actually met her in real life.. but you swear you would totally hang out if you did. She knows you better than some of your real-life friends do! 

The Big Mouth Friend - You love her but you also know her well enough to not trust her with a secret.

The Party Friend - The party don't start 'till she walks in! You may not call her your BFF but she sure is fun to be around.

The Silver Lining Friend - No matter what's happening in life, she always finds the positive aspects and points them out to you. She lifts you up. 

The Motherly Friend - We all love our mamas but they can't be with us all the time. Good thing you have this friend. 

The Needy Friend - You didn't answer her text within 30 minutes?!?! Gasp! Be prepared for some damage control.

The Slutty Friend - Oh you love her so much but there's no way in hell you'd leave her alone with your man.. especially drunk.

The Ride or Die Friend - Picking up and moving to a different country? Ruining your ex-boyfriend's new car? Whatever it is, she's down. 

The Jealous Friend - Oh you have other friends besides her? How dare you! 

The No-Judgement Friend - You can tell her anything. You can talk freely. You can totally be yourself. You can trust her. 

The Bitch Friend - She's brutally honest and you do NOT want to be on her shit-list. She's definitely the girl that you want with you if a cat fight ever breaks out. 

The Broke Friend - You love her to death but your wallet does not. 

The Dramatic Friend - Her drama can be pretty entertaining.. as long as it doesn't involve you. 

The Long Distance Friend - She moved away and you miss her dearly. You don't talk as often anymore but when you do, you pick up right where you left off. Which type of friend are you? I'm sure I missed a few! P.S. Hey FRIENDS, these may or may not be based on personal experiences. Don't be THAT friend and automatically assume this is about YOU! ;)


Jessica is a writer, marketing & public relations specialist, and  the blogger behind Jessica Who?. At her home on the web you'll find a little sarcasm, a love of photography & fashion and most importantly, a new friend. She's a Texas girl her followed her heart to an island (a really awesome Hawaiian island).

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