Today's Stylish Cocktail | Frost Bitten Mint White Cocoa

Today's Stylish Cocktail recipe comes to you via Kaylin, food blogger at Keep It Simple Sweetie. This Frost Bitten Mint White Cocoa is served on ice and would be a wonderful after-dinner cocktail. Not to mention, it's green color makes it perfect for St. Patrick's Day which is less than a month away!

Head on over to Kaylin's blog to get the cocktail recipe and a discount for 21% off our Dot Flutter Dress. *Discount is valid until 2/28.

Drink up!
xo, Gracie B.


  1. Oh your drink looks so good and I just love the dress - so pretty!

  2. Great idea for and after dinner drink. I just need to get the cute dress to match the dress and sip in style!

  3. What a perfect St. Patrick's Day (or any day) pairing!