What to Buy: The Free Spirited Girl

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With the arrival of November comes the start of the holiday shopping season. To celebrate, we will spend the month showcasing gift options based on a variety of personalities.  

This week we are shopping for "The Free Spirited Girl." Whether she's a co-worker or your best friend, everyone knows this girl. She's effortlessly cool and completely down to earth. She marches to the beat of her own drum and is always up for an adventure. To assist shopping for the free spirited girl, we channeled our inner Sienna Miller.

The free spirited girl appreciates a unique mix of individuality, detail and function. Perfect gifts for this girl include: a leather cross-body that she can take anywhere; a patterned shift dress that can be layered with other pieces in her closet; or, a knit fringe wrap that doubles as a scarf. And regardless of what you give her, she'll love the story behind the gift as much as the gift itself.

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