June Style Crush: Lindsay of Leelala

If patience is a virtue, we here at Gracie B are all doomed! Every month we eagerly anticipate the newest Style Crush announcement. So imagine our disappointment when a few scheduling set backs caused us to have to postpone this exciting monthly event. 

That said, we are firm believers in the old adage "good things come to those who wait." For it is with great excitement today that we announce our newest Style Crush, the lovely Lindsay of Leelala! She styled our (newly on sale!) Open Book Blazer with an amazing pair of floral denim pants. And we have to admit that this was one outfit worth waiting for...


  1. Those floral pants are adorable & go so well with that blazer!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  2. I love the floral pants, and the blazer. Cute outfit I probably wouldn't think of myself.